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Digital Strategy & Marketing | Growing Business Online

As a Dayton, OH-based, boutique-sized company, Market Smart Media Solutions specializes in media planning and buying – with a focus upon digital marketing strategies and implementation.

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How Does It Work?

Through Collaboration!

Our company is aligned with some of the best digital resources in the area. With years of experience and know-how, these digital designers ensure your online presence will be professional and functional. You get the best digital project for a competitive cost, allowing your “brand” to be showcased in all the right places.

Our marketing plan will identify how many times to promote your company and the perfect times to advertise with regard to consumer buying trends. From concept through completion, Market Smart Media Solutions will help guide your digital marketing campaigns to achieve your goals.

Our services include:
  • ZOverall digital client needs analysis
  • ZAudit of current digital plan
  • ZComprehensive target profiling
  • ZRecommendation of digital media mix
  • ZDisplay
  • ZWeekly monitoring
  • ZProgrammatic buying
  • ZSearch and display retargeting
  • ZConversion tracking
  • ZDoubleClick for advertiser’s advantage
  • ZBackend metrics and site level reporting
  • Zand MORE
Our Expertise Includes:
  • Strategy Building: Traditional to Digital
  • Profile Research & Competitive Study
  • Negotiation and Placement – TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, Digital, OTT
  • Value-Added Considerations
  • Billing and Reconciliation
  • Display/Re-Marketing Advertising
  • Google and Bing Search Engine Marketing Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Social Media Marketing (with Custom Audiences)
  • Connected TV (OTT)
  • Custom Audience Building
  • Custom Location Targeting/Geo Fencing
  • Daily Optimization
  • Strategy Building: Traditional to Digital/Mobile
  • Profile Research & Competitive Study
  • Reporting and Analytics