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Project Management Solutions

Professional project management is essential for an effective marketing plan and necessary for any company serious about growth and success. Ensuring you have the proper marketing mix and media solutions available is the only way to approach the business goals you may have set in place. The margins for error are slim, and without proper research and due dilligence, your chances of hitting the correct target markets become even slimmer.

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Market Smart Media Solutions will listen to your needs and help to define the appropriate marketing plan to attain these goals. Among the many services our associates can offer include:

    Determining strengths, weakness, opportunity and threat for current business


    Research competitors’ current marketing programs, spending and more


    Define the media services necessary to attain desired goals, then create measurable strategies to get there


    Development of cohesive and recognizable marketing collateral – consistent recognition in all phases of customer interaction


    Create marketing collateral such as  direct mail, catalogs, web site or handout materials to coincide with marketing plan

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Market Smart business consultants have helped many Dayton area companies develop effective and measurable marketing plans. We are confident that, if given the opportunity you will discover what all of our satisfied clients already know – when it comes to strategic marketing, NO ONE does it any better than Market Smart Media Solutions!

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Our Expertise Includes:
  • Strategy Building: Traditional to Digital
  • Profile Research & Competitive Study
  • Negotiation and Placement – TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, Digital, OTT
  • Value-Added Considerations
  • Billing and Reconciliation
  • Display/Re-Marketing Advertising
  • Google and Bing Search Engine Marketing Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Social Media Marketing (with Custom Audiences)
  • Connected TV (OTT)
  • Custom Audience Building
  • Custom Location Targeting/Geo Fencing
  • Daily Optimization
  • Strategy Building: Traditional to Digital/Mobile
  • Profile Research & Competitive Study
  • Reporting and Analytics